She Says

Episode 11: The Burden

Linda has been waiting to hear from the Mecklenburg District Attorney's office about whether her case will move forward. Then she gets a call. We rejoin Linda on the winding road for an update and a closer look at the burden of proof. — LISTEN HERE

A Public Conversation

WFAE held a Public Conversation with She Says podcast host Sarah Delia, law enforcement and others about whether justice is being served in Mecklenburg County. This episode was taped in front of a live audience Thursday, Aug. 2, 2018. — LISTEN HERE

Nurses Say The State Hasn't Been Reimbursing Them For Rape Kits

WFAE’s She Says podcast found that all sexual assault survivors don’t have equal access to evidence kits. A little more than half of the 121 hospitals registered to the state have programs and kits. But now, Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners at some of those hospitals say the state hasn’t been reimbursing them for the services they provide victims for more than a year.

Episode 10: The Oath

Linda goes back to court and comes face to face with the man charged in her assault as she attempts to get a no-contact order. We hear how the podcast has impacted her life and what the future of her case looks like. Stay with us through the very end of the episode to hear a message from two familiar voices. — LISTEN HERE

Episode 9: What We Haven't Told You

This episode we share with you what we haven’t told you. Additional evidence in Linda’s case. Why we think this mysterious DNA hit occurred. And we find out how many hospitals in North Carolina have nurses specially trained to complete a sexual assault examination. — LISTEN HERE

Episode 8: They Say

In this episode, we hear from Linda’s family about how life has changed for everyone since the assault in 2015. We also tell the story of another Charlotte woman who tried to file a police report but was turned away. — LISTEN HERE

Episode 7: Emily's House

The man charged with assaulting Linda made bail and is out of jail. She’s scared because she’s no longer anonymous after he saw her during a court appearance. She Says talks to another sexual assault survivor in Charlotte who had a very different experience. — LISTEN HERE

Episode 6: Your Questions, Our Answers

Last episode we asked listeners: What questions do you have about Linda’s case and our yearlong investigation? So now She Says host and reporter Sarah Delia and reporter Alex Olgin tackle your questions about police policy, DNA law, and more. — LISTEN HERE

Episode 5: A Parallel Road

In episode 5, we hear about what happens with the DNA sample police collected of the man Linda identified as her attacker through an internet search. We will also take a look at how another police department handled the destruction of more than 300 sexual assault kits. — LISTEN HERE

Episode 4: Whiplash

In episode 4, we dive into what happened with the mysterious DNA sample that matches the one found in Linda’s sexual assault kit, and why detectives didn’t know about it for months. Linda expresses her concern that her questioning of police will lead to her case being ignored. — LISTEN HERE

QUESTION: If you are a sexual assault survivor, how do you feel the communication was between you and your detective? Leave us a voicemail with your answer at 704-448-6511.

Episode 3: It's Not Him*

In episode 3, Linda goes down to Charlotte Mecklenburg Police headquarters to talk to detectives about her case. It’s a particularly emotional conversation because she learns about the DNA results from her sexual assault kit. They aren’t what she expected.

We also hear how the CMPD crime lab handles the testing of sexual assault kits. — LISTEN HERE

Episode 2: Return To The Scene Of The Crime

In episode 2, we go back to the crime scene, which in this case is the body.

Host Sarah Delia talks to Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners, who carefully examine victims and their belongings for biological evidence that might help identify perpetrators. We examine CMPD’s policing philosophy as it pertains to victims.

We also hear from Linda, whose sexual assault case we’ve been investigating for the last year, about how she felt during her interactions with medical and police officials after her assault. — LISTEN HERE

Episode 1: The Winding Road

WFAE’s She Says is an investigative podcast series that follows the story of a sexual assault survivor in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina, and the long and difficult process of finding justice.

In episode 1, we will introduce you to the woman we're calling Linda. Linda was sexually assaulted by a stranger on June 29, 2015, in Charlotte. We'll walk you through the events of that night and its aftermath. And we'll learn what happens when Linda, who grows increasingly impatient with the pace of the police investigation, takes matters into her own hands. LISTEN HERE